5 Reasons To Love Madrid

Madrid is magnificent.  I visited during this past Christmas break and absolutely loved the charm the city has to offer and I can see myself visiting again.  Madrid has something for everyone from art and culture to tapas to beautiful parks.  Depending how you choose to spend your time in the historical city, you will find yourself losing sense of the time and before you know it the day is gone.  Have no worries, things take on another fun vibe right through the night.  You can check out live music, flamenco shows, and eat until like 2 a.m. I tend to be one that turns in pretty early, so the latest I was out was about 12:30 a.m., but I heard that you can easily attend a flamenco show as late as 4 am within the local scene.

I want to give you my 5 top reasons to love Madrid and this is why I will find myself visiting again in the future.

  1. Madrid is a metropolitan city!  There is excitement the moment you enter the city and if you don’t speak Spanish, have no worries….most people speak English too.
  2. The architecture is gorgeous and no matter where you are, you find yourself surrounded by history.
  3. It is a walk-able city with and excellent metro system, which includes a route to and from the airport for 5 Euros.
  4. There is an incredible charm in this city, with its perfectly manicured parks.  I took a walk through the most popular, Buen Retiro.  This park, which belonged to the Spanish Monarchy until the late 19th century, is also known as El Retiro Park and apparently a trip to Madrid is not complete without a visit here.
  5. Spanish fashion is hot!  I remember when I first visited Spain in 2007 and bought my favorite pair of jeans from Mango.  A few years later Mango started opening stores across North America. If you want to refresh your wardrobe this is the place to do it

This article is not complete without a mention of churros and chocolate. I loved the energy in this cute busy little cafe called Los Nuevos Alpes. It is across from the Mercado Market on Calle Mayor, 54, 28013 Madrid, Spain.

El Retiro Park
Christmas in Madrid
The Royal Palace. If you are a member of EU, you can visit for free between 4-6PM.
That’s my husband dipping the churros in the hot chocolate.


Greece be with You

Go and explore the ancient history in Athens.  Four days is enough to get a good taste of everything from culture to history to food and entertainment and you can do it all on foot if you’re staying in a central location.  There are about 4 main attractions that you must do. We bought a self guided tour package of 7 archaeological sites, which of course included the Acropolis and The Parthenon.

Let me give you a few tips for your visit.  The people are friendly and everyone will invite you to dine with them as you walk by their restaurant.  Even as you walk by stores, you will be invited in.  Sellers on the streets will ask you to buy their products too.  Everyone is either super friendly or hungry for your business. I say it’s a combination.

Wondering where to stay? Choose an area close to Monastiraki. We stayed in Psirri, which is a little quirky and right beside the popular and more trendy area Plaka.  I like Psirri because it was less touristy and I felt more like a local when I went into the little restaurants and bars.  One thing that was an eye-sore for me was all the vandalism or graffiti on the buildings.  There are also a ton of random cats that roam around. You can be at the nicest cafe eating on the patio and a cat rolls up to chill along side you.  That drove me crazy.  If you love cats, maybe this won’t bother you, but remember they are stray.





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