Budget friendly side of Rotorua

So you made it to New Zealand and you’re on a budget.  With so much to do and so little time you must pick what’s most important to you.  Top of my list was Rotorua and I had to see the geothermal activity.  Get your geothermal thrills at the Kuirau Park as you stroll through this free destination, you will be amazed at the boiling lava coming from the ground and the steam hissing as you walk across a bridge.  This is a volcanic area and eruptions have occurred, so be smart and be safe.

There is a very small hot springs pool here, but don’t expect anything fancy. There were about 30 people cramming their feet in there and everyone was seriously shoulder to shoulder.  No thanks!  If you’re looking for hot springs go somewhere else.

Total time spent here: 45 minutes. Parking is free.




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