Crocodiles and Cairns

Adventures can be had anywhere in Australia and when you make it up to Queensland it is the best place to exhibit your curiosity for crocs.  In fact, Cairns has also been referred to as the croc capital. You don’t want to see them at the beach, but it certainly is possible, so be very careful if you plan to swim at the beaches here.

To understand the life of the crocodile we chose the safest place, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, where it was easy to view and take pictures of salt water crocodiles and fresh water ones.  The experience was incredibly intimate as we got on a boat and cruised through the lagoon filled with crocodiles.  You can spend a full day at this adventure park as there is a full days worth of wildlife and scheduled shows to see and learn from.  If you only have a half day, that is still enough time to get a fulfilled experience too.

A salt water crocodile is the largest crocodile species, which can be found in Northern Australia and throughout South east Asia.


The fresh water crocodiles have a narrow more elongated snout.


The boat tour is scheduled for every hour and lasts about 20 minutes.
The koala bears sleep about 16 hours a day. They are adorable even while they are resting!  We learned that they only eat eucalyptus leaves and because they have toxins and are highly fibrous it takes a long time to digest the leaves, therefore requiring more sleep. 


This Kangaroo had her baby in her pouch. 



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